If you choose a WordPress.org blog or site, you will need to organise hosting. WordPress.org is completely different to WordPress.com which is more like Blogger. I do not work with Blogger and WordPress.com – only self-hosted WordPress blogs and sites. 

Web hosting allows you to own your own ‘spot’ on the internet. When you host your own website, you can have a completely customised site with a static front page, blog and even your own shop. 

Hosting does not have to be complicated but with millions of Web Hosts out there, it can be difficult to find a reliable host that is going to grow with your site. 
That’s why I recommend TechSurgeons. 

Their premium web plan is ideal for those just starting out. They are not currently taking on new clients, however if you purchase your hosting through me (at no additional cost) they will sign you up and send an invoice directly to you.